The abstract can be sent using the online application or via the email to: alin.ciuta@palomatours.com no later than 10.08.2020

Please follow the instruction below and use this template:

  • Maximum 300 words;
  • Written in English;
  • Font – Times New Roman; size – 11,  no paragraphs; it will not be formatted

Abstract must contain:

  • Title, written in uppercase/capital letter followed by a blank line; title (spaces between words included) cannot contain more than 250 caracters;
  • names of the authors, written in one line, in the following order: Initial of given name/first name (for men) or given name/first name (for women) followed by surname/last name (do not use professional/academic tiles); After the authors line, leave a blank line;
  • Affiliation (Section, Institution, City, Country), for the first author as well as for co-authors. First letter of each word must be written in uppercase/capital letter;
  • Insert a line that contains 3 – 5 key words;
  • The abstract text must respect the classic structure: introduction, materials and methods, results, conclusions (wordings like “the results will be presented” are to be avoided); the text must have enough details to justify the conlusions;
  • For video presentations, the abstract will be a short description.
  • Graphics and tables are not accepted in the abstract body;
  • All abbreviations/acronyms will be explained/defined at their first use in the text.

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